Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Mind of the Universe: In Summation

Enjoy a chapter from my 22nd book, The Mind of the Universe....
In Summation
It can be agreed at this point that the Universal Mind is the Highest Intelligence of the universe, the sum total of the complete knowledge and wisdom of the ages.It contains the key to all of your plans, past, present, and future, and if you adhere to the New Thought/metaphysical principle that everything is already successful in the Mind of the Universe/Mind of God, then we all have much to look forward (or backward) to. All we need do is to get out of our own way/the Mind of God and allow It to manifest/express Itself! We may do this by casting aside our temporary ego-identity and allow for a more permanent God Mind to take us over, consciously and other wise, to guide us Intuitively towards a happier, more prosperous life.
Add to this an identification with the Universal Mind/Mind of God, along with casting aside/giving up to God any negative karmic thought-forms in our unconscious mind potentially adversely affecting any outcome, and we can’t help but begin to think and to pray from this great, infinite field of love, joy, and wisdom known as the Universal Mind..Imagine allowing oneself to create from the Mind of the Universe: to allow any works of art, music, and literature formed in the Mind of God to begin to take on physical embodiment through ourselves and the vessel known as our physical existence…how utterly and infinitely beautiful would that be? Yes, we hold the key to this allowing, to stepping aside and having infinite beauty and wisdom to form and shape through Higher Consciousness/Contact or Mystical Meditation!
The simple, yet powerful and crucial act of self-care that is meditation will enhance our thoughts and prayers; more importantly, it begins to allow for a “mind-shaft” if you will, for God’s wisdom to rise up from the center and nucleus of our mind to the conscious or surface levels. The healing energies of the Mind of God begins to seep up, and our body begins to respond emotionally to these frequencies; reaching all levels of our mind, healing them, and thus allowing for a higher quality of life mind, body, and soul, since we are all Psycho-Physical Units, or holistic in nature. 
More than this, our Intuition (or God-Guidance) becomes more finely tuned as it responds more and more to the Wisdom of the Universal Mind. You will trust more and more what that “still small voice” tells you. You’ll become more optimistic, a “Pollyanna” if-you-will, among cynics, but that won’t discourage you, for deep down, (or maybe not so deep down) you will recognize yourself and others for Who and What they truly Are: living, breathing manifestations of the stars and of the heavens, having taken image, shape, form, and embodiment! As your vibration and the energy-factors of your body begin to take on the same Higher resonance as the Mind of God through meditation, you’ll find that whatever prayers were formed first in the Mind of God become manifest through yourself and your God-Guided actions! If the Mind of the Universe has willed it that you have a certain lifestyle, (because of your Soul’s Purpose/God’s Will for you in this lifetime) you are then guided to achieve it, whatever it is! For some it may appear as luxury, to others it may appear as humble and understated, but you yourself know that whatever it may be, you are happy and content knowing where it originated from. Your use of Scientific/Affirmative-Prayer along with Prayer Treatments begin to heal yourself and others, since there is only one Life in the Universe; your optimism about your life and others become manifest in the proof of health, wholeness, and completeness within yourself and others! You can truly witness the Mind of the Universe in action in the prosperity and abundance within and around yourself.
Perhaps there is something, after all, to all this talk about God and the Mind of the Universe.

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