Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Christ Mind: Integration

Enjoy this excerpt from my 23rd book, The Christ Mind.

You want to at this point feel the Power of Who and What you truly are! You ARE peace! You ARE love! You are surrounded within and around you with the Creative Power of the Universe: the Higher Intelligence, Wisdom, and Creativity that is the Primal Light Energy/First Cause of the entire Universe! You are starting to come from the Christ-Mind! Take the sacred breath in at this point, then release with a sound/sigh. Feels great, doesn’t it?
Allow at this point as well, God-Guidance, the Higher Intelligence/Intuition of the Universe to flow through you. If you’ve been regularly and ongoingly doing your spiritual practices of Contact/Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer/Prayer-Treatments, Blessings, Visioning, and deep spiritual practices in the form of Universal deeds such as volunteering your time, giving things away to people or organizations that need them, tithing, praying for not only yourself and those you love, but for the entire world of sentient and non-sentient beings, you’re well on your way to a sort of spiritual liberation heretofore not experienced!
Day by day, you’ll feel happier and happier, but not on a superficial, temporary level, but you’ll be allowing God more and more to seep up from the Perfect God-Center of your mind expressing Itself through you, as you! You may even begin to show more creative tendencies such as writing, drawing, painting, playing musical instruments! You may get more ah-hah moments and glimpses of creative genius, such as inventions that could only have come from the Mind of God! Yes, there will be more and more a synthesis with the Universal, Creative Mind of God or the Universe, continuously tapping into that Divine Intelligence and Inspiration!
How unlimited will you become? You will no longer allow your own self-imposed illusionary self-inadequacies and limitations to hinder your soul’s evolution, and living your soul’s purpose. Simply, you will more and more accept and realize that you’re a living, breathing manifestations of the stars and of the heavens, having been given image, shape, form, and embodiment. You will be a fine, perfect, and elegant representation of the Divine Mind that exists everywhere within us, and infinitely beyond us. You would have truly cultivated the Christ-Mind.
How exciting is this?
Yes, in time, if you do your spiritual practices, if you take care of yourself mind, body, and soul, you will see that all of this is true.
What a marvelous way to be, to live; and what an amazing responsibility.
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