Thursday, May 18, 2017

Excerpt From "The Christ Mind"

It's coming! Here's an excerpt from my 23rd book, "The Christ Mind"...


“The Christ Mind”, “The Christ-Mind that was in Jesus”, or “Christ-Consciousness”, may just as easily be substituted for “Buddha-Mind”, “Buddha-Consciousness”, “Krishna-Mind”, “Krishna-Consciousness”; you get the idea.
It is a New Thought term meaning the point of contact where one’s soul is in an eternal state of oneness with the Mind and the Spirit of God.
It has absolutely no religious connotations. In fact, if you picked up this book thinking that this was a religious dissertation with a Christian slant, well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.
In fact, this term “The Christ Mind” or “Christ Consciousness”/”Christ Conscious Awareness” couldn’t be farther from any one religious connection, or anything mortally identifiable. One of the ways one achieves Christ Conscious Awareness, is by losing one’s sense of personal identity, or the illusion that a person is defined by their name, or their job, or their social security card number; the saying “One must lose themselves before they can truly find themselves” therefore certainly applies here. In New Thought/metaphysics, there is but one Mind (the Mind of God) in the universe, and the goal is to become one with It consciously, because in Mystical Reality, we are already one with It, and It is already one with us. To become one with It, is to have a Christ Mind/Christ Conscious Awareness. In essence, one who seeks out divine union is referred-to as a Mystic. When one has succeeded in letting go of one’s personal identity/ego-will, that is the first step towards Mystical Union/existing in the Mind of the Universe and having a Christ Conscious Awareness.
Why should one aspire to achieve all of this, and to what end?
Happiness; joy; peace; true fulfillment. One starts to exist in a place of compassion, unconditional love, and one starts to become more philanthropic, for example. One is far less concerned with their own affairs, and becomes more concerned with the well-being of others.
That’s just for starters.
One’s Intuition (God-Guidance) become more finely-tuned, so that one may be guided to places, persons, events, and actions more linked to, and/or leading to, one’s true Soul’s Purpose. (God’s Will for us in this lifetime, based on the current state of evolution of one’s soul at that time) Again, why live one’s Soul’s Purpose(s)? Happiness, joy, a sense of fulfillment.
If you’re already happy, read this no further.
If you’re happy and fulfilled, but are what I refer to as a “Seeker”, (knowing that there is something “more”) then continue on reading. If you’re unhappy due to circumstances in your life, (upbringing, environment, bullying, for example, drug and/or alcohol abuse, perhaps you yourself are a bully) seek out therapy and counseling. Better yet, seek out a medical professional, because this book does not profess to help you to solve any major problems, personal or otherwise. Sorry. Move on to other, more professional/clinical solutions.
If, however, you enjoy philosophy, conjecturing based on facts, and self-exploration with no earth-shattering/unrealistic promises, if you desire a modicum of personal growth, then by all means, continue reading this. Remember to eat well/balanced meals, indulge in an exercise program, (yoga, t’ai chi, western exercise) and take care of yourself spiritually, which is truly what this book is about!
Indeed, this book is about spirituality/metaphysics/New Thought/self-help. No more, no less.
Early on in my career as a metaphysician, after having received the four meditation techniques referred-to as “Knowledge” from a mahatma, and subsequently spending years observing and documenting my own results/experiences, I spiritually-counseled tens of thousands of patients, clients, and students. I have taught various other eastern meditation techniques, and observed a multitude of results based on these meditation sessions, documenting them between the covers of some of my other books, most notably “Spiritual Mind-Science and Your Soul”. After having earned a Bachelors, Masters, and then three Doctorates in metaphysics from the oldest and most respected higher learning institutions, The University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics, I also earned my ministerial and spiritual-healing credentials through the International Metaphysical Ministry seminary. I am a Reiki-Master; I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist; in short, I am all about working for God to raise the consciousness of my students, clients, and patients so that they may lead a happier, spiritually-healthier life.
In short, I know of what I am writing here, both personally, and through clinical study and practice.
You can rest assured that everything you have and are about to read from me is tried and true, otherwise what would be the point of sharing it?
The achievement of having a Christ Mind/Christ Conscious Awareness, and thinking from the Mind of the Universe is infinitely (pardon the pun) worthwhile, as you will soon discover.

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