Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Mind of the Universe: Introduction

Enjoy the introduction to my upcoming book, “The Mind of the Universe”.
“The Mind of the Universe” can be substituted for “The Mind of God”, “First Cause”, “Universal Intelligence”, “Higher Intelligence”, Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom, Creativity, Light, “Higher Thought”, “Infinite Intelligence”, (used by Napoleon Hill) “Universal Mind”, or even God.
Many of the aforementioned are “New Thought”/metaphysical (as opposed to “New Age”) terms, all used previously by such luminaries as Ernest Holmes, (the founder of Religious Science/The Science of Mind) P.P. Quimby, (the “father” of New Thought) Mary Baker Eddy, (the founder of Christian Science) and Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. (the founders of Unity Church) I highly recommend you “Google” these names to learn their historical place in New Thought/metaphysical churches, but suffice it to say that all New Thought/metaphysical churches (including my own) preach Higher Intelligence (or The Mind of God/The Mind of the Universe) being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, with the use of “Scientific Prayer”/”Affirmative Prayer”/”Prayer Treatments” and Contact/Mystical/Higher Consciousness Meditation being the foundations of this spiritual movement for self-healing and the healing of others. Refer to any of my twenty-one other texts on these subjects, a list of most of them being at the end of this one.
Another crucial point at this time: there is absolutely no connection between these aforementioned spiritual movements and “Scientology”, a completely different faith, although such New Thought/metaphysical terms as “Christian Scientist”, and “Soul Scientist” might easily be confused with “Scientology”. In fact, New Thought/metaphysics (which includes Unity, Religious Science, Science of Mind, and Christian Science, but NOT Scientology!) have their basis in thousand-year-old far eastern oriental faiths and philosophies including Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, along with the teachings of Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Plato. Far eastern practices such as meditation, eastern and western self-hypnosis, as well as Ayurvedic practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine may all be included/comprise New Thought/metaphysics, as opposed to Scientology, which was invented by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, in the 20th century! Therefore the basis of New Thought/metaphysics has a very ancient tradition, and is often referred-to as “New Thought Ancient Wisdom”, sometimes “New Thought Timeless Wisdom”, especially by the New Thought minister Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape New Thought ministry.
Having gotten all of this out of the way, I find it ironic that I’m finally tackling the subject of this book, which is essentially God (“Mother/Father God” if you prefer) since everything I do, both professionally and personally, is for service to God! Certainly not the “God” of any man-made religion, or “God” with any religious connotations, but the “God” which is the invisible and creative force that is within us and all things, silently at work continuously in the physical proof of so-called miracles such as the perfect rotation of the planets around the sun; the beauty of nature, the sweet smell of a flower or freshly-cut grass, and all the beasts that inhabit this physical existence; present in the glowing light emanating from the sparkle in one’s eyes, or even in a smile; the day-to-day gratitude that we feel for even the smallest of things including our health and our mental faculties and senses; present in the rainbow, the raindrop, or even a tear; present as well in the peace and the joy that we feel; present in a well-executed work of art or music or architecture; present in the compassionate act of gratitude and giving by one person to another. Another term for all of this, I suppose, is Intelligent Design, of which I am, obviously, a great proponent of, after many years of clinical studies of varying groups of meditators and their psychological and spiritual natures, and the resulting papers/reports/books I have written on all of this.
The cynic (or realist) may remind one of the atrocities of the world, or the human injustices that exist, “How and where then, is God in all of these?” he/she may ask. “Why does God allow these things to exist?” the cynic may ponder. Well, even within these so-called non-Godly thoughts, and the aforementioned atrocities, God exists at the very center of all of it, for God, or the Universal Mind, or First Cause is still the controlling Power, for without this creative, non-partisan force, neither the bad nor the good may exist! It is the long-pondered “balance” of light and dark, philosophized in the Tao and its “Yin and Yang”! One cannot exist without the other, each defining the other; the shadow cannot be seen without the light, and conversely the light is invisible without its defining shadows, as in paintings and art; as in music, one cannot simply have all high’s nor low’s; the playwright would be foolish to write only of a protagonist that was positive, with no conflict, nor evil character for them to define themselves/play off of to clarify who they all are. Good and bad (which is subjective anyway) exists within this physical incarnation, I believe, so that God can make It’s Self known, hence the New Thought term, “We are individualized expressions of God”, so that God may express through us, as us: the artist, the musician, the transgendered, the beggar, the thief, the bird, the tree. It is this wonder of contrasts which is the creation of the Universal Mind of God, and to find that beauty and sacredness even in the most difficult situation is one of our Soul’s Purposes, or the will of God.
This, then, is what the true subject of this book will be: the wonder and beauty, nay the miracles of creation, of the Universal Mind.
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