Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coming Soon!

COMING SOON! “The Mind of the Universe” can be substituted for “The Mind of God”, “First Cause”, “Universal Intelligence”, “Higher Intelligence”, Peace, Love, Joy, Wisdom, Creativity, Light, “Higher Thought”, “Infinite Intelligence”, (used by Napoleon Hill) “Universal Mind”, or even God.  
It can be agreed that the Universal Mind is the Highest Intelligence of the universe, the sum total of the complete knowledge and wisdom of the ages. 
It contains the key to all of your plans, past, present, and future, and if you adhere to the New Thought/metaphysical principle that everything is already successful in the Mind of the Universe/Mind of God, then we all have much to look forward (or backward) to. All we need do is to get out of our own way/the Mind of God and allow It to manifest/express Itself! You can then truly witness the Mind of the Universe in action in the prosperity and abundance within and around yourself.

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