Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Science of the Soul Course

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE WITH "THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL"! These SKYPED, 6-week courses are two-hours a week, and will lead you into the innermost regions of your mind where you will discover your true treasures!
You'll learn the beauty of who you really are, how to access inspiration and creativity and much, much more. How to heal from loss and trauma, as well as moving onward and upward towards a more productive and fulfilling life is also covered in this series of lectures and practical exercises designed to help you to be all that you were meant to be. Dr. Michael H. Likey PsyThD. Ph.D., D.D., H.Dip. is an international author of several books on these topics, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, and Podcast/Webcast Host-Producer who will lead you on an exciting and motivational journey of transformation.
Included in the class fee is Dr. Likey's book "The Science of the Soul", also course notes and exams.
From the convenience of your mobile device, computer, etc. via Skype! Details:

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