Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spiritual Mind-Science and Your Soul

Excited that my book, "Spiritual Mind-Science and Your Soul" is in its 3rd printing! The 372 pages of "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul" presents my complete guide to pursuing and excelling at whatever task or goal you may choose. The potential of the human soul is limitless, and I provide all of the psychological, metaphysical, and practical tools at my disposal to enable anyone to access this inner power or potential, sometimes referred to as one’s higher self. The wisdom offered in "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul" is designed not only for studying and for practicing, but also for integrating into one’s everyday living. The ideas that I discuss have been tested over the years by many of the world’s greatest seers, teachers, authors, and coaches. The Spiritual laws that I refer to, as well, are merely metaphors for the natural laws; though unseen, they are always at work in the world around us. "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul" offers a path for a deeper connection and the evolution of the soul. Using the methods presented here, you may gain greater quality of life, deeper love, and inner peace, focused on your true life purposes. As a BONUS, my dissertation ("Scientific Prayer") towards partial fulfillment of my Doctor of Theocentric Psychology (PsyThD.) is included, making this one of the most comprehensive books on New Thought Metaphysics. I'm really proud of this one!

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