Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Your Soul's Purpose

Much has been talked about within the last decade or so of one's "soul's purpose". "I want to know my soul's purpose", was the battle-cry of many a New Ager and those professing to be "spiritual". What exactly is one's "soul's purpose"? Is there indeed only one? Will this knowledge help you to not reincarnate again? Is it the be all and end all?
One may seek out psychics, angels and spirit-guides to discover one's soul purpose. One may even enter into the depths of one's soul to explore past lives to learn of one's soul's purpose, sometimes called Higher purpose.
The easiest and most effective means is through Contact or Mystical Meditation. All that "soul's purpose" really means is "God's Will for you in this lifetime"! It's as simple as that. The key to unlocking the information is through regular and ongoing meditation, which will eventually attune you to God's energies, which will in turn, cause you to become more Intuitive. Intuition is God-Guidance, and speaks to many people in many different ways. Sometimes this wisdom comes as a hunch, that you must follow up on; other times, it may be that "still small voice" that speaks to you; other times it may be so obvious (over time it will be) that you will almost immediately and without doubt respond to this call to action! Remember how many regrets you had for not listening to your heart? This is the same thing; the more you meditate, the more finely-tuned will be your Intuition, or God-Guidance. Sometimes you will feel that you have to be somewhere, or you'll meet someone out of the blue, as a result of showing up somewhere; other times it may be a complete plan, or course of action mapped out for you! Regardless, the purpose of Intuition is to lead you to your Soul's Purpose/God's Will for you in this lifetime.
How will you know that you are living your soul's purpose? You will be extremely happy and fulfilled with your life on all levels! There will be an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for your life. You may or may not be rich, but true prosperity and abundance is never measured in dollars and cents! Often times (but not always) you may be living a life of humanitarianism, doing humanitarian acts; this is true Universal Consciousness in action! Regardless, you may have found a job or a vocation that fits you to a tee; however, be forewarned and flexible: most times, a person's soul's purpose will change constantly throughout their lifetime as they evolve and change! As God sees that you are better suited (and ready) for a new vocation or job, you will be led to it, again, through your God-Guidance/Intuition. Karma plays a big part in all of this as well. Karma is merely "cause and effect", and has nothing to do with retribution, or payback for ill deeds in previous or current lifetimes.
The less karma is involved with what you are doing in this lifetime, the better, as it's merely energetic residue (positive or negative) leftover from the past. The way to "burn off" karma is to, during meditation, ask that your negative karma be sublimated for God's Perfect Light and Love. Say this to yourself over and over during meditation, and in time it will make a difference. At the same time, release your personal ego-will to God, so that you will have a greater chance of being influenced by God, rather than your personal ego-will. Say to yourself over and over, "I release my personal ego-will to God" during meditation, and this will eventually take hold in your subconscious mind. Say in your mind, too, over and over again, "I identify with God", and "My thoughts come from the Mind of God" to further insure that this happens over time. The more you identify with the Universal Mind which is God's Presence as love and light, and the more your thoughts and ideas originate from the Universal, Higher Wisdom and Intelligence that is God, the more finely-tuned will be your Intuition! Eventually, only God will guide you to a greater existence of love, joy, prosperity, and to living your soul's purpose. 
From Dr. Likey’s book, “Mystical Wisdom” (C)Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission of the author. 

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