Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual

Although Dr. Michael's Soul Oracle Cards are sold out and will never again be re-printed, you can use his "Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual" for the same purposes as the cards! Here's the information on everything...
Dr. Likey's Affirmative Soul ORACLE CardsTM are based on the 56 Spiritual Laws of the Universe as outlined in Dr. Likey's books "The Science of the Soul", "The Complete Spiritual Laws of the Universe", and "Dr. Michael's Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual", and are a complete spiritual journey that returns you to your soul, or starting-point. Each card is richly illustrated with an image that will re-awaken and ignite your soul, potentially reminding you of who you really are and why you are here. Included on each card, too, is an affirmative-prayer designed to inspire and rejuvinate you.
Use these cards as an exterior stimulus for Inner Guidance: pick one card to set the pace of your day, or do a divinatory-like, three-or-more card spread. Above all, pick a card for its affirmative, Divine Inspiration.
Whether you use Dr. Likey's Affirmative Soul ORACLE CardsTM as a divination tool, for inspiration and confirmation, or as a method of accessing True Higher Guidance for transformation and growth, you will cherish each moment spent with them, your true soul companion.

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