Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thanks for the Thanks

SO grateful for the testimonials/comments about my broadcasts:

"Rev. Dr. Michael is the amazing host of his BlogTalk Radio show. I had the privilege of being a guest on his show and was touched by his insight into the history of spirituality, relationships' dynamics as well as his deep knowledge of the human soul. I truly believe that Dr. Michael is providing a great show that can help people in their personal growth and spiritual search." -Milena Cerin

"Dr Likey, I saw your post that you were going to be on radio tonight so I tuned in to listen. Wow! I actually got to talk to you!
You really helped me. I will tell more people to find out about you. I like that you not only give advice, but you do a healing at the end! Your Oracle cards sound interesting too". -L.G.

"There is not a word created that can define how fabulous Dr. Michael Likey was on tonight's show! I lost my socks! They were totally knocked off! I know Spiritual Journey Radio would love to keep him!"
-Christine Matthews, Host/Producer "Spiritual Journey Radio"

"You were so on about everything..."-C.L-H.

"I appreciate the meditation that you have gifted me. The transformation in my household has been wonderful. You where in touch and on point. Thank You again! I also enjoyed your book, "Master Reiki"! Keep shining!" -Nancy E.P.

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