Monday, December 19, 2016

Coming Soon in 2017!

Coming soon in 2017 to a location near you!

"Greetings, Everyone!
I'm Rev. Dr. Michael Likey: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, International Author of 18 self-help/metaphysical books including "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul", twelve e-books, BlogTalk Radio host/Producer, and spiritual teacher.
Each week at my International Spiritual-Light Center, we encourage the awakening of your soul for the good of all of humanity, and for the fulfillment of your soul's potential in this lifetime. We also feature guests who, in their own unique way, have activated the potential of their soul and have gone forth in love for the evolution of this planet.
Become All that you can be!" -Rev. Dr. Michael H. Likey

​Included is a lecture on a metaphysical topic, based on Dr. Likey's book "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul​", several healing meditations, a poem by aboriginal word-artist WindWalker, guest experts speaking on spiritual/holistic/wellness topics, and live music from Dr. Michael's CD's.
Sometimes the program goes out on the road, appearing at various locations, perhaps even coming soon to your own neighborhood!

Michael's International Spiritual-Light Center is a registered, incorporated, non-profit society.

"You've...helped me transcend much of the fear I was living with when I first started coming to the gatherings on Sunday mornings-I feel quite fearless've helped reinforce the value of life/living for me through your tireless work. I see you sharing more and more of yourself during the Sunday morning gatherings and it is highly effective and moving(and motivating) always worth listening to and I always walk away with something to think about and something worth thinking about. Your work means a lot to me and has helped me greatly. Also, I would like to set up a time to do a mind treatment-I think that it will help me work on releasing `stuff` from the past. I really feel like I have a clean slate to start creating my new Life on and I'm very excited about all of this.. Thank you again." -S.K.

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