Thursday, December 22, 2016


Everything exists in the "M​ind of God"/"Mind of the Universe," and the "Mind of God"/"Mind of the Universe" exists within us: there is only one god; God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient, Therefore, since we are already One with the Universe/Mind of God, whatever we create in our mind becomes our physical reality, including the healing of ourselves and others through Affirmative or Scientific-Prayer. We can access our "God-Mind" (Higher unconsciousness/intelligence at the center of our mind) within us via "Mystical", or "Contact", or "Higher Consciousness" Meditation, essentially becoming one consciously or not and/or experiencing God through Meditation. Through the continued, daily practice of Meditation, Divine Guidance/inspiration/creativity flows intuitively through us and out to our surface/conscious mind, allowing us to make decisions guided by God, or Intuition. We also, therefore, can be Divinely inspired and guided, via creative ideas, to attracting true happiness, prosperity, and abundance through the regular practice of Meditation. This living of a prosperous, happy life is indicative of living God's will for us in this lifetime, also known as living our soul's purpose.
The Spiritual Mind/Soul-Science Center, legally registered as Michael's International Spiritual-Light Center, is a non-secular, incorporated, non-profit society.

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