Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Real Problems, Real Solutions: Introduction

     So you're tired of those airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky solutions: bang a gong, burn incense, chant, set intentions, cast a spell, have a psychic reading. See a guru, go to a coach; seek out a shaman, yes, they're wise, they know more than you or me. Get a tarot-card reading. Hire someone to teach you how to work with colors for a more enhanced life. Find someone who channels, find out who your angels are. Quite frankly, I'm truly tired of all of those new-age solutions myself. But does science offer better solutions to your problems? See a shrink and you'll mortgage your house to make the payments for those sessions which will go on for years. Perhaps pseudo-science can offer you something more: get blood-tests done so the therapist can put you on a healthier diet of gluten-free goodies; suddenly you've developed an aversion to dairy products and wheat; you've become more socially aware, so now you won't buy products that come from abused animals, yes, that's the solution to living a happier and healthier life! Guess what? Been there, done that and/or have had friends, family, and even clients and students that have gone down some of those roads, to no long-term avail!  
What if you were internally-guided to know what to eat, including the portions and frequency of the meals? What if you knew what sort of exercises and activities to do to keep your body in tip-top shape mind, body, and soul? What if your therapist was that still-small voice intuitively guiding you to where to be and when to receive your prosperity? What if you started to get along with co-workers, or your main relationship was starting to flow and be mutually fulfilling? What if you had that "dream job" or career and you were actually feeling fulfilled? What if it wasn't all about you, and you began to feel that you have so much, you start to give it away to charities? What if you were just plain happy? 
This is the goal of this book. 
I want to give you the tools so that you begin to have a more fulfilling life; they won't be airy-fairy, but more practical. You'll have to put in some work, but even if you use one of these tools, you'll still be way ahead of the game. I promise you that. 
I know this because I have been researching, living and teaching the tools I'm about to share with you for many years, and I've witnessed improvements in my clients, patients, and students, in addition to my own life, but I won't lie to you either: things didn't happen over night. Like physical exercise, your "muscles" have to develop. The more you use the tools, the better you'll get at integrating them into your life so that you'll eventually just live them, transforming the way you see things and deal with things. You'll start to touch people in ways that you might not even be aware of, automatically enhancing their existence by just being there for them. 
Yes, what I'm talking about sounds fantastic, almost unbelievable, but again, if you start to live the tools that I will shortly share with you, you'll never see things the same again.  
Black and white events and circumstances will begin to have real meaning, in fact, everything will take on a new meaning, where before, you merely either took things for granted, or were not even aware of them. 
For example, in the past, I never would have even given the statement "everything happens for a reason" a second thought, but guess what? It's been proven to me time and time again that everything really does happen for a reason; there is some sort of flow, a design and rhyme and reason that eventually you'll be able to perceive as well, so naturally that you won't even know that you're doing it; things will all begin to just make sense! 
These tried-and-true spiritual technologies that I'm about to share with you are based in New Thought, (not New Age) which have their roots in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism to name just a few; the wisdom handed down by such philosophers and scientists as Plato, Einstein, and Emerson are also contributors to New Thought. But more importantly, the healing modalities of Mystical/Contact Meditation, Scientific Prayer, and Visioning are the prime technologies utilized, whose success have spawned such churches as Unity, Religious Science, and Christian Science. People have been healed not only of their physical ailments, but their emotional and spiritual states; this has all been documented and clinically proven, which makes it all a spiritual-science, if-you-will. In fact, I have referred to them previously as Spiritual Mind-Science, because there are specific steps, again, clinically proven; research and read the thousands upon thousands of successful case-histories of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, considered to be the father of New Thought, and who pioneered the Mind-Treatments which cured so many of their ailments.     
"Heal the mind and you'll heal the body" and "The reason is the cure" are typical of the wisdom contained within New Thought, stated by Quimby. Albert Schweitzer said, "The purpose of the physician is to distract the patient long enough so that nature does the healing" also typifies this school of thought. Carl Jung's statement "You don't solve your problems, you outgrow them," and Einstein's “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” all summarize New Thought philosophies.  
With a few techniques mastered, your life will be transformed.  
Are you ready? Are you committed? Discipline and dedication are a pre-requisite. So is faith. Without faith, the Mind Treatments/Scientific Prayer will be difficult and slow. 
Visioning can be learned and done by rote, but it's better if you do it naturally, as a matter of course. 
Contact, or Mystical Meditation, the most important technique of them all, results in a natural healing (sometimes unperceived) and evolution of your soul. It is the basis for Scientific Prayer, for it adds power to it. Many say they can't meditate, but that's not accurate, or even true; it has the same brainwave-states as self-hypnosis, (alpha or theta) so if you can focus on your breath for a few seconds, then a few minutes, if you can count to ten mentally over and over, then you can (and are) meditating; if you've ever driven past a destination, suddenly realizing this, then you were hypnotized. 
You're already well on your way to transforming your life; some refer to it as your soul unfolding. Others refer to it as just "being". 
Regardless of the terminology, just give it all a try, as if you're trying an experiment. Give it a deadline, such as six months, and observe yourself, and your progress. If you're not feeling even a little differently about life, then put down the book and never pursue it again. 
I have a feeling though, that if you've even come this far, you're hooked. You might go all the way, finishing the book, and reviewing it over and over again; better yet, practicing Mystical Meditation, Scientific-Prayer, and Visioning, better yet, living it by having naturally integrated it into your life. 
Come on, it's not so tough; you'll in time want to keep meditating, staying in that Cosmic Conscious Awareness which is the Ultimate Reality, and the True you! 
You'll begin to want to share this, in your excitement, with everyone, and I highly recommend it! The richness which is the background and heritage of these spiritual technologies which comprise the spiritual practice, will be something that you will cherish for many years and beyond, and you'll never have to change your current religion, faith, or belief system! How great is that? this is my gift to you, with the wish and hope that you learn it, live it, and pass it on, for the greater good of society, and may I dare say, the world? Enjoy!  

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