Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Coming Soon!

It's coming soon! My greatest work on mysticism, here are the chapter titles: 
Accessing Infinite Intelligence for True Prosperity, Mystical Wisdom and Your Health, Theocentric Psychology and Meditation Equals Results, Karma and Your Future, Mystical Meditation, Real Prayer: Petitioning or Affirming? Angels and Spirit-Guides: Imagination or Fact? All That Will Be Already Is, Change of Attitude or Change of Consciousness? Christ Conscious Awareness, Blessing or Cursing? A Primer, The Four Conditions, Spiritual Psychosomatics, The Beasts, Denial and Acceptance, The Sacred Breath, How to Feel God's Presence, Your Soul's Purpose, Your True Therapist, Mysticism vs. Psychism, Consecrating and Making Sacred Space, Soul Mates, Communication in Love Relationships, Prayer Treatments, Hypnosis Vs. Meditation, Adding Power to Prayer, Spiritual/Mystical E.S.P., The Chakras, Those "Secret" Formulas, True Self-Worth, Encouraging Soul Unfoldment, The Dark Night of the Soul, and Macrocosm and Microcosm.
I'll be running a contest which means someone will win a copy! More info to come!

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