Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing" Now Available on Kindle!

Wow! My latest book "The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing" is now also available on Kindle for $5.99! I'm also including several chapters you've likely never read before! One is a lecture by one of P.P. Quimby's (the "father" of New Thought) students dating back to the 1800's which gives much insight into the methodologies behind Quimby's Mind-Treatments as well as into the man himself. Another chapter is crucial for both historians, students and practitioners: The Four Temperaments is an ancient method of profiling various personality types, concisely describing both ancient and more modern methods; Quimby did use this as part of his diagnosis and treatments. And finally, "The Human Brain From a Metaphysician's Perspective" is a transcript from an Internet movie which gives an incredible perspective of the brain, not only as the computer-like processor that it is, but also as a means of rationalizing the existence of a Higher Intelligence, crucial in the thought processes of the Mind-Treatments! All of this and much more in "The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing" for only $5.99 (U.S., Kindle version) or $12.95 (U.S.) paperback version!

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