Saturday, September 17, 2016

Crucial Tools

"Your Life-Calendar" and "Your Progress Chart" are two bonuses that are included in my most recent paperback, "Working through Trauma Spiritually"! Focusing on optimal mind, body, and soul health, "Your Life Calendar" will help you to organize your time, so that equal emphasis is placed on all three aspects of your holistic well-being. To help you to gauge your progress quarterly (4-month increments) in areas of finances, love, health, and family relationships, I've also included "Your Progress Chart" to further aid in your evolution in all areas of your life! I developed this almost 20 years ago and gave it to all of my clients for them to self-evaluate and then share it with me after their three-month return to our sessions. Understanding which areas of your life need more support is crucial while working through the emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of trauma, and I'm excited to include some of the amazing tools which I offer in this 260-page book! Purchase "Working Through Trauma Spiritually" here: #Amazon #DrMichaelLikey #WorkingThroughTraumaSpiritually

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