Thursday, July 7, 2016


"Whether you read this book straight through, or open it up randomly for a "message", no doubt you will be guided to a Higher Consciousness heretofore not experienced. You will be well on your way to uncovering your soul's purpose, and therefore to living a prosperous, contented life. I envy anyone who opens up this book and enters into their journey of self-discovery and's a brand-new world. Yes, thanks to Cindy and Mother Mary, a brand-new world!" ~Dr. Michael Likey, D.D., Ph.D., PsyTh.D., Dip.H.

"The Beautiful poetry that Mother Mary lovingly shares through Cindy soothes and awakens the wisdom of the heart, while offering the gift and Blessing of deep inner peace." ~Claire Papin, visionary and author of Mary's Miracles and Messages

"With gratitude I cherish the inspired words Cindy brings through of the Divine Mother. Her words evoke a precious understanding how Mother Mary comes to us and calls us to awaken to the Love that created us." ~Rev. Mary Omwake, Unity Minister Dawn Denise Joyner

"Cindy Paulos has proclaimed the greatness of our most Blessed Mother Mary and of the Lord with her words of wisdom, love and peace which flows freely for all to benefit." ~Bob Miles, Television host/Author

"Cindy Paulos’ voice of love and healing arises from her direct experience of the divine. Taste the ambrosia in her words." ~Arnie Kotler, Koa Books

"Cindy Paulos began her spiritual studies with me as a teenager. This started decades of her contributions of higher spiritual awareness to others. Years of devotion to higher spiritual concepts are to be found in her writings." ~Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder and CEO of the International Metaphysical Ministry

"I have known and worked with Cindy for decades. She is the real deal." ~Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and inspirational speaker

"Cindy Paulos is a voice for love and healing. Her dedication to service is impeccable. I love to work with Cindy, for her energy is pure and she brings such kindness to all she does. Cindy is a blessing to the world!" ~Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life

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