Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Book to be Born Soon

From Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos

New Book to be Born Soon

Aloha Friends,
I am thrilled to announce that my new book is soon to come out. The book is called Mystical Mother Mary, Sacred Tools of Love. This book is a total surprise for me. I was contacted directly by Mother Mary during a meditation and was asked to write this book.I know for many it may very hard to believe. I found it difficult to comprehend as well. I had to overcome many doubts and fears to believe I was worthy for this task.
The Mary I came to know and love is not the same Mother Mary I had previously imagined. This presence is so loving, compassionate and powerful that I have had to rethink who Mother Mary truly is. I also had it conveyed to me that this is the time for her energy to be brought forth into the world.There were so many miracles and so much love that carried me through the writing that I found the strength to overcome all the doubts and fears and was able to just listen to the messages that came to me.In the book I have many tools that Mary offers to help all those who wish to have a better life. She is a life coach of sorts. She very clearly wanted me to express that she is there for everyone. She is not available for just one religion but for the world. Below is a short excerpt from the book.I will keep you posted on when it will be publishedI appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have.

What if the Blessed Mother Mary were to come to life right here, right now, today? What if she were to be present with you in a conversation and gave you insight on how to make your life better. What if she acted as your friend and coach and offered you ways to be more loving, compassionate, and forgiving.
Is it possible that you can embody the depth of the love Mary holds in her heart? Can you consider that Mary wants to be a part of our lives, to give us Her wisdom, kindness and strength?
Through the Mystical Path you can make that inner connection to Christ, God and Mother Mary. Christ said “The Kingdom of God is Within.” That is the essence of what the Mystical path is about. Mary experienced mystical union with God. She was one of the first woman mystics. It was through her mystical union with God that the birth of Christ was born. She showed us through her example that we too can experience that inner union with God.
I have written this book to help you find a way to make that direct inner connection to the Holy Spirit. With that inner connection you can be in the presence of Mother Mary and receive her guidance. She can reach out and lift you to the higher realms of heaven. She can speak to you and heal your heart. The blessed gifts and tools she brings can transform your life. She can deliver you to Christ.

Blessings of Love 

Cindy Paulos                                                  
 Mystical Mother Mary                                          

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