Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Using The Spiritual Laws of the Universe and The Soul Oracle Cards

I don't profess to know specifically what will work for you, so it's crucial that you exercise your individuality in regards to these spiritual practices, for I know that living the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and using the Soul Oracle Cards to integrate them into your life will produce results, although, once again, results will vary from person-to-person.
   What everyone has in common once they integrate the Laws into their lives, and living them more and more, is a profound peace, love, joy, Higher Intelligence, creativity, and wisdom heretofore not known. One's Intuition (God Guidance) will become more heightened, thus leading you to make decisions more and more in your Highest interest. You will be guided to be at the right place at the right time to receive your prosperity. The idea is to live the kind of life (and make decisions and to pray) from a perspective of what God's Will is for you in this lifetime; in other words, to pray a prayer coming from the Mind of God/Mind of the Universe which is all-seeing, all-knowing. This takes much discipline; besides developing your daily spiritual practice of Contact or Mystical Meditation for Divine Contact, (this eventually allows you to heal from traumas, eliminates ego/personal will, heals Karma, (cause and effect from this and previous lifetimes) identify with God more and more, and come from the perspective of the Mind of God/Mind of the Universe) you must also learn how to pray more effectively, that is, rather than the standard pleading-prayer, a more empowering Affirmative or Scientific Prayer, wherein you are allowing God's Will for you to come through in your prayers so that you affirm that you already have what God wants for you in this lifetime. To learn more about this, read my book Scientific-Prayer and Speaking Thoughts Into Existence
   Let's suppose you are daily doing all of this, not to manifest riches, but just to increase the quality of your life; if you're happy with your life, partnerships, and career, then this is indicative of you living your soul's purpose, or what God's Will is for you in this lifetime. Fantastic! Why use the Soul Oracle Cards? Why live the Spiritual Laws of the Universe? Because you likely already are living some of those Universal Laws, otherwise things wouldn't be flowing so well; you wouldn't be feeling as fulfilled in most areas of your life! Remember, though, there is always room for improvement, for furthering yourself! If your life is not flowing so well, if you are doing your best but don't seem to be happy, or fulfilled, there are numerous reasons for this; short of mental illness, Mystical (or Contact) Meditation will slowly heal the emotional causes for your unhappiness, thus smoothing the way more easily for the rest to come, but you must practice daily meditation! For how to meditate properly, and various ways to do so, see my book The Science of the Soul or Spiritual Mind-Science and Your Soul Combined with Scientific-Prayer, you are well on your way to living a more soul/God-based existence, and thus integrating naturally the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.
How-To Do It
As outlined in my book The Complete Spiritual Laws of the Universe ( start by reading a few laws daily, adding several each day to this regiment. Repeat three times the meditative treatments for each one: once aloud, next in a whisper, and the third time silently to yourself. This helps the treatments to go deeper and deeper into your subconscious, until your mind accepts them. This step is crucial! Start to pick a "card of the day" from my book The Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual or from the actual deck, which you can purchase here: The actual cards, or the full-color cards printed in The Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual act as a way to recall what you've learned from the book The Complete Spiritual Laws of the Universe, sort of like Flash Cards! More importantly on a subconscious level, the cards (or their pictures) represent the four seasons and elements from the Celtic Wheel of Life, and are energetically powerized to give you an energetic "boost" so to speak! Each card is an actual photograph I took in nature, then altered to look abstract, non-representational, or like an Impressionist painting. A lot when into the creation of these cards, but always at the helm was God-Guidance. On another level, you can pick one, two, three, or use the Celtic Cross Spread for guidance, or to do a reading for yourself, as each card has a message on the face in the form of an affirmation.
   Regardless, the cards and the books will provide years of pleasure, guidance, and spiritual growth, so that your soul will flourish along your spiritual journey.
Rev. Dr. Michael Likey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, International Author, and BlogTalk Radio Host/Producer. Learn more about him and enjoy the free resources here:

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