Friday, April 8, 2016

Dr Michael's Soul Cardologist Online Certification Course-Promo

Imagine being able to earn your Soul Oracle Cardologist certification!
This certification course will qualify you to do readings, lectures, write books, anything and everything pertaining to Dr. Likey's Soul Oracle Cards! You'll get a discount on his books "The Complete Spiritual Laws of the Universe" and "The Complete Soul Oracle Cards Manual" so you can do add-on sales at events you're booked at.
Once you register for the course, you'll be given access to all of the videos and the written exam, so that you can view the educational, specially-produced videos at your leisure, over and over again, and then, when you feel ready, you'll take the exam which, upon suddessful completion, will entitle you to receive your beautiful Certificate of Completion through Dr. Michael Likey's Academy of Metaphysics, a division of his ministry Michael's International Spiritual-Light Centre, a non-profit registered society.
​Most importantly, you'll have a very powerful tool to help others to empower themselves spiritually, to assist in the evolution and enfoldment of their soul, so that they can truly live their soul's purpose!
This is the most affordable online certification course that we have every offered!
Featuring explanations of all the Soul Oracle Cards, procedures for keeping your cards properly, doing a reading, various card-spreads, and MUCH MORE!
All of this is accomplished via the specially-produced videos which you'll be able to access once you've registered.
Imagine being able to view at your leisure these richly-produced videos over and over again, containing invaluable information from working professional and creator of the Soul Oracle Cards, Dr. Michael Likey, who has done more than 10,000 readings!
At the end of your journey, you will write the provided exam, and upon successful completion, be certified as a Soul Oracle Cardologist.
​Don't wait, register now!

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