Saturday, April 9, 2016

After The Premiere

My BlogTalk Radio show premiered its 5th-season episode yesterday: (Friday, 04/08/2016) and the video-version on SPN (Soul's Purpose Network) on YouTube: and I was pleasantly surprised!
   First off, I always put up my "studio" set for the video-version. This time, I also took a couple of hours before the show to shoot a few promos and my new "Soul Oracle Cardologist" online certification course! By the time I had edited everything, the time was coming close for the actual BlogTalk Radio show, so I checked my landline (phone) to make sure all was well for my call into the show, and...all was not well! The phone was low on power, and the extension's loudspeaker doesn't work, which is crucial for my audience hearing myself and the callers on the video-broadcast; I could have easily scrapped the video-broadcast and just went with the radio broadcast using the extension, but something said to "go with it", so I took a breath or two and went with the proverbial "flow"!
Stress, Stress, Stress
The countdown to the BlogTalk show started, and I already started video-recording: ten, nine, eight...on the air, live! The audio intro started, and I had a few seconds to compose myself, despite the fact that the phone was giving regular warning beeps. "And welcome, everybody, to Dr. Michael's Live Soul Oracle Cards Call-In Show" I started, "But first, let's take a few moments to go inward and rid ourselves of the energies of the week just past." I hit the "Meditation and Promo" audio as usual, which always gives me anywhere from 6-9 minutes (depending on how many promos or original songs I edited in) to actually meditate along with myself, prep for the guest if there is one, and/or check to see where the callers on-hold are calling in from! This time 'round, I was more concerned with the phone dying suddenly, as the beeps were coming fast and furiously! In fact, if you listen to the show, you can hear them, although most people won't know what those sounds are. I had to trust the Universe that everything was perfect, and that things would work out exactly as it was supposed to; trouble was, I had booked space for a 30-minute show, and I didn't believe that the phone would last that long! Would the show suddenly stop, due to my being disconnected by a dead phone? Would a caller's question or answer be rudely cut short due to the careless act of not properly charging the phone in its cradle? I won't deny that I was feeling stressed, even though I was meditating, and have been regularly since 1989; I teach meditation and other spiritual practices, for God's sake, (so-to-speak) why was I feeling this stress? Intellectually I know about faith, but this was a real challenge of my faith! "Trust", I thought, "Trust!"
And We're Back
The previously-recorded audio was about to end, and I was going live again. "And we're back", I said. "Let's go straight to our callers", I said, certainly because who knew when the broadcast would end? "Hello, caller, where are you calling from?" I asked. She told me, and then gave me her name, so that (unbenounced to her or anyone) I could connect with her energetically. I shuffled my Soul Oracle Cards, and one card literally jumped out of the deck, I kid you not! This happened with one other caller as well that day! I gave this caller my interpretation based on what she asked of me, (she wanted a "message from the angels"...oh, well...close enough!) and then read the meditation on the card; she seemed satisfied, so I thanked her and I went on to the next caller, and then the next one! All this time, the phone was beeping its warning (occasionally) of impending doom; I checked the time: we were entering into the 15 minute-mark of the show, so I pressed on, trusting that we could handle one more caller, and if we got through this one without being cut off, I would wrap things up, despite ending somewhat short. I kept having visions in my head of the phone dying right after the last caller.
   I pulled a card, and then gave an interpretation and short meditation from the card, all to the caller's satisfaction. I made it! Four callers, four readings, pretty good for a 30-minute show, let alone for a 16-minute show! Everything moved along at a brisk, efficient, and satisfying pace for all! "I'd like to thank-you all for tuning in this week, remember we're here every Friday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time right here, on BlogTalk Radio. Until next time, Peace and Blessings everyone!" My sign-off completed, I hit the"Intro/Extro" audio, I let the audio play through, and then I ended the show by hanging up, as usual.
   The premiere episode of my fifth season was now under my belt, and in retrospect, it did really all work out! I learned a lesson of trust and faith, I learned that I really can do four satisfactory readings in 16 minutes, at a nice pace. Barring any phone issues next week, (I'll make sure that the phone is completely charged up!) I might even attempt 7 or more readings in 30-minutes! What a pleasant surprise this show brought to me, but more importantly, the callers were happy.
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