Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Law of Perfect Action

"The Law of Perfect Action" is your Soul Oracle Card of the day.
During Mystical/Contact Meditation, we have unified with God. We identify with God. Our prayers are God-Guided/Intuitively Guided, so we are praying for what God wants for us in this lifetime. Our Scientific/Affirmative Prayers materialize.
We are living our Soul's Purpose, and are generally happy and content, feeling, knowing, and living a peace that passes all understanding. Since we are God-Guided, all of our decisions and actions are what God wants for us; how can we go wrong? We are now living The Law of Perfect Action.
Meditative Treatment: In the Mind of the Universe, my actions are God-Guided! Intuition guides all of my actions, and there are no mistakes! And So It Is!

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