Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Excerpt From "Spiritual Mind-Science And Your Soul"

Other factors affecting the level of successful Affirmative-Prayer are Soul’s Purpose and karma:  “By carrying negative karmic energy around in one’s mind, the SPIRITUAL GROWTH of a person can be stunted.” (Masters, Theocentric Psychology, 2010, Volume 3-Lesson 57, 9)  “Whatever you pray for that is in agreement with God’s Will for your soul becomes activated as THOUGHT FORM IMAGES in the UNIVERSAL MIND OF GOD.” (Theocentric Psychology, Volume 3-Lesson 20, Page 6) This would explain why the methods for manifesting described in the book “The Secret” don’t always result in materialization of anything: that which was prayed for was not part of God’s Will for one’s soul in this lifetime, nor was it in the greater interest of humanity, which God’s Will/Soul’s Purpose always is. “Before praying, I turn my will over to the WILL OF GOD, that GOD may DIRECT MY PRAYERS.” (Masters, Theocentric Psychology, Volume 3-Lesson 20, Page 8) “The only prayer that you should pray, therefore, that is not inspired by God, is the prayer that your prayer be inspired by God and ORIGINATE IN GOD’S MIND.” (Masters, Theocentric Psychology, Volume 3-Lesson 20, Page 8) “In so doing, you help assure that your personal ego and its will have not sneaked into your mind at the last second and that you will end up praying the will of your personal ego, rather than GOD’S WILL.” (Masters, Theocentric Psychology, Volume 3-Lesson 20, Page 8)
Assuming that some, most, or all of the aforementioned conditions are present, the actual steps of Affirmative-Prayer are similar and differ little between the various spiritual traditions/teachers/churches such as “Unity”, “Christian Science”, “Religious Science”, “Science of Living”, etc. Generally, they include (again, with a faith/belief/ conviction and therefore a feeling of gratitude) “Unifying”/”Identifying”/”Recognizing”, (that we are One with God, God being everywhere and omniscient within and without, visualizing God’ Love-Light originating within us and Infinitely beyond us) the actual “Declaration”, (sometimes denying the current existing condition and accepting with feeling and stating the opposite, or desired condition) and “Releasing” (with gratitude and appreciation) with the final proclamation of “And So It Is!” signifying faith that the desired conditions are already so.
In the mid-to-later twentieth century, as well as today, the early twenty-first century, the New Thought/Metaphysical practice of Affirmative-Prayer (and similar techniques as in the books “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”) are being taught by teachers such as Louise Hay, Paul Leon Masters, Rev. Ike, (deceased) Rhonda Byrne, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, and Esther Hicks, to name a few. In some cases, Affirmative-Prayer, rather than being employed for spiritual purposes or even therapeutic/personal-growth, is used today for personal gain and manifesting of financial wealth, love, health, and general betterment of conditions superficially, rather than from improvement and spiritual growth. “Like Aladdin’s Genie, the law of attraction grants our every command.” (Byrne, 68) “To attract money, focus on wealth.” (Byrne, 111) “The Law of Attraction and its magnetic power reaches out into the Universe and attracts other thoughts that are vibrationally like it…and brings that to you.” (Hicks, 32-33) Some of the principles, however, taught in “The Secret” and in “The Law of Attraction” are somewhat faithful to some spiritual principles of New Thought/Metaphysics: “You are like a human transmission tower, transmitting a frequency with your thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life, change the frequency by changing your thoughts,” “Your Thoughts become things.” (Byrne, 25) “The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.” (Byrne, 43)  “You get the essence of what you are thinking about…” (Hicks, 33)
Through my private metaphysical practice, and as previously indicated in my documented clinical studies of my clients, patients, and students, the overall conclusion of the level of successful metaphysical, authentic Affirmative-Prayer (as defined in this paper: those from “Unity”, “Religious Science”, etc.) is high; that is to say, more than eighty-to-ninety-percent saw some level of change, either with their own mood, attitude and outlook, and (perhaps as a result) some degree of physical improvement either in their financial, health, or relationship areas. These changes were sufficient for the patients/clients/students to voice a verbal satisfaction, and in many cases, contentment and happiness with their “new-found lives”. This included the students/patients/clients’ use of the affirmative techniques in the books “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction”, and “You Can Heal Your Life”, although those who were drawn to, and who used the methods in these books were not as interested in spiritual growth as those who practised the more authentic metaphysical Affirmative-Prayer techniques; they were more interested in changing their financial or romantic situations; nonetheless, positive results were achieved.
The place of Affirmative-Prayer within Metaphysics, specifically Theocentric Psychology is self-evident: it has traditionally, together with Higher Consciousness/Contact/Mystical Prayer, been one of the pillars of metaphysical/spiritual practices. Any addition to these two represent basic variations and differences between metaphysical churches, that is to say, some churches practice only Meditation and Affirmative-Prayer, others combinations of other traditions, but all always including and having Meditation and Affirmative-Prayer in common, as well as the techniques. We can therefore conclude the importance of Affirmative-Prayer is great because of its consistent inclusion in metaphysical churches’ practices.
My professional clinical studies and the results gleaned from Affirmative-Prayer/Mind-Treatments/Meditative Treatments (as previously discussed) have shown me their importance in my professional metaphysical practice, because of the proven results and effectiveness of Affirmative-Prayer for my clients, patients, and students for growth and insight, helping them to lead a more God-Centered life, more in line with God’s Will for them in this lifetime, (living their Soul’s Purpose) as it has for myself: I too, am living a content, happy, and fulfilled existence, with the good of others being a priority.
The implications of all of this are great, as it pertains to society as a whole. If most people practiced the combination of Contact Meditation (for Divine Contact) along with Affirmative-Prayer, indications and conclusions within the context of this paper would be that more people would be living happier, fulfilled, peaceful, and contented lives, more in line with God’s Will for them. This could mean less thoughts and actions based on selfishness and unhealthy self-gratification, eventually resulting in healthier interactions between people, perhaps between nations; more of a caring for this planet and its ecology. Could this knowledge of Theocentric Psychology, with the ongoing and regular practice of Meditation and Affirmative-Prayer result in eventual world peace?

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