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Pitfalls To Manifesting: Excerpt From "Speaking Thoughts Into Existence"

Pitfalls to Manifesting
Manifesting isn't all money, love, houses, and cars. To do a demonstration/materialization/manifestation FIRST of the healing kind is what is most desired. In fact, as already stated, this was the original intention of Scientific Prayer/Affirmative/Meditative Mind-Treatments. Work first towards proclaiming with faith, belief, and determination that a person is healed of a particular ailment or dis-ease, and then have it happen. If that's not happening, you're not doing it right, either you don't have enough faith, or you don't feel worthy yourself of perfect health, you haven't cleaned up enough Karma, and/or you haven't connected with your Highest Self, becoming One with the Infinite Mind. Try, try again. I guarantee you that if you first try to manifest things to benefit yourself and you actually succeed, unless that was meant to be, or that the idea came from the Mind of God, then it will eventually disappear, or you will lose it. I know because that all happened to me.

 Another Story Or Two
 When I was working at Reflections Books in Coquitlam as a psychic reader ten or so years ago, I got all caught up in "The Secret", which a co-worker turned me on to. "What is this Secret", I thought to myself, "that everyone is talking about?" Turns out it had to do with The Law of Attraction, a very real metaphysical law (as previously outlined) but I have to admit at the time, it sounded airy-fairy "New-Age-y" to me. "Harmless enough", I thought, "let's give it a go!" So I borrowed a boot-leg copy of "The Secret" from Grace to watch, to determine whether or not I wanted to actually buy a real copy. Let me tell you, it completely changed my life that evening! The relatively high production values, cinematography, and interviews with people with "D.D." after their name, as well as "Dr." preceding their names seemed to add credibility to the whole thing. Although it had an air of romanticism to it, it also had the ability to lift me up, to take me to a place I haven't been to in years; I didn't realize this was part of the process, lifting one's vibration so high, one becomes One with God, therefore whatever is in one's mind, becomes real! This is an example of The Law of Correspondence or Equivalents, together with The Law of Magnetic Attraction and The Law of Cause and Effect duplicating what is coming from the Mind of God. Powerful stuff; way more powerful than I realized at the time, again, I didn't know that I was dealing with spiritual Laws that are real. What an amazing introduction to New Thought and metaphysics "The Secret" is, and which took me on the path to eventually earning my Bachelors, Masters, and three Doctorates! However, I didn't realize at the time that I was like a child playing with a loaded gun!
In short order, I manifested new leather couches, and even a brand-new car! Readings kept coming to me in abundance, so I was never short on cash. One day, I did find myself needing to put an extra $20. in the bank to cover a payment. I was to get paid the following week and needed the cash right now. This is how that $20. manifested: I realized that I had misplaced my car-keys to my new Jeep, yes, I succeeded in manifesting a second vehicle by-the-way! I looked and looked around the house to no avail. I even pulled up the cushions of those new/secondhand leather couches, and voila, a wallet! Feverishly I opened the wallet to find the I.D. of a Japanese exchange student from years ago, long-gone I was sure. But in this wallet as well was Japanese Yen, foreign currency of which I had no idea of the value. Something inside me said to run across the street to my bank, and ask about this money. It turned out to be equal in value to the $20. I needed, exactly! No more, no less! The Universe was again working its magic! I immediately deposited it, thus covering the amount. My car keys? Conveniently sitting on top of a compartment between my Jeep's seat and the door, the Universe causing this search so that I'd find the $20. I was floored again, riding high this wave of abundance and manifestation which I attributed to "The Secret" and The Law of Attraction! Several clients healed themselves of mental strain and poverty as a result of my passion about "The Secret" which I led them to buy. Issues of love were again solved by my leading clients to "The Secret".
My enthusiasm would soon wane for this miracle of prosperity and abundance, this doorway to success and happiness.
Without too much thinking, I kept on manifesting, for some reason wanting to trade in my beloved Jeep for something bigger and flashier, a luxurious Dodge Ram turbo-charged truck! This flashy red monster set me back my Jeep which I had to turn in, and $800. a month payments on top of the third car which I manifested for my wife and all of those monthly payments. I was starting to feel pressure that I had not felt in years, since the days of my first bankruptcy, whose energy still felt familiar to me. I believe it was this remembering of "poverty-energy" in my mind that began to co-create it for real, as opposed to my newly remembered abundance/prosperity energy. It's not that one is stronger than the other, merely present! In short time, I went from prosperity and abundance to bankruptcy again, all caused because I didn't stop to take a breath and meditate! Had I not rushed into those payments frantically, but asked for a day to think about it and breath and meditate, I'm sure I would have avoided all of that financial trouble. Nonetheless, like the story of the lost keys, this bankruptcy resulted in us clearing away all debts, thereby living debt-free! Burdon-less, we continue to thrive, living within our means and not owing a cent. We got to keep one car and did successfully pay it off.
This is just one example of mis-using a mindless spiritual principle. It wasn't Karma, it wasn't retribution, merely not thinking/using common God-given sense, and meditating to avoid trouble. This is the thing; "The Secret", The Law of Attraction and all the other spiritual Laws cannot teach you to be smart; it won't encourage you to use your Intuition; it won't help you to avoid life; it is not some magic-wand that will suddenly make everything right. In the words of Spider Man, "With great power comes great responsibility", and I was shirking my duty of responsibility, and solemnly honoring these great gifts from the Universe, these great spiritual principles. No more, no less. In the wise words of Thomas Tusser, "A fool and his money are soon parted."
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