Thursday, September 10, 2015

Transcendence Intensive

Here it is...the Fall semester of my Transcendence certification intensive!
Based on my book "Dr. Likey's Transcendence System", this is much more than a "self-help" course...MUCH more. If the life-altering Reiki component with its self-healing aspect (mind, body, soul) weren't enough, you will also get the Contact/Mystical Meditation instruction, crucial for oneness with Source and for manifesting and discovering your soul's purpose through the PROPER techniques of affirmative prayer, a.k.a. Scientific Prayer, as outlined in my book of the same name. Karen Laskey says: "I want you to have access to this one of a kind teaching. This course integrates Reiki, Scientific Prayer, Coaching and more. This course is perfect for you if you are:
Seeking purpose and meaning.
Seeking self-healing.
A practitioner interested in adding a new modality to your existing work.
Interesting in exploring a new career in healing.
On the completion of this course you will receive:
Reiki Master Certirficate
Transcendence System Master Teacher Certificate
Mystical Meditations Dynamic Attendance Certificate
Scientific Prayer Attendance Certificate
For course details and information about Dr Michael Likey and this amazing opportunity, please visit his website.
The New West location will be at Laskey Counselling & Hypnotherapy, 607-625 Fifth Avenue.


This is a $12,000. value, discounted because I hope to attune as many people as I can to this life-altering system, so that you too can pass this on to others. The best part is that you can be certified and be well on your way to several new modalities in addition to limitless personal growth in three days. My course runs for three days, but can be tailored to two and a half if your schedule doesn't allow for three. The discounted fee includes everything: the empowerments, books, instruction, certification and diplomas. I'm looking forward to contributing to your spiritual and professional evolution.

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