Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dr. Michael's Meditative Treatments

COMING SOON! "Dr. Michael's Meditative Treatments" CD of 10 meditations! "Dr. Michael's Meditational Treatments" is a collection of Dr. Likey's best spiritual mind-treatments which have aired on his radio program. These spiritual treatments which are based in New Thought and Science of Mind, are designed for the spiritual health of the listener. Combining Hypnotherapy, guided and mystical meditations, these meditations will re-program your mind so that you will be on a more focused life of success, abundance and prosperity. Featuring meditational treatments for bringing out love, happiness, healing, and oneness, these ten tracks also include the all-important spiritual mind-treatments for worthiness and eliminating negative karma for insured growth and self-awareness. Do your soul a favour, and enjoy the words of a man who follows in the same shoes as Dr. Michael Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, P.P. Quimby, and Ernest Holmes.
Dr. Michael Likey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doctor of Theocentric Psychology, and International Author. He is a member of The International Metaphysical Ministry, and has his own popular BlogTalk Radio show.

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