Thursday, July 9, 2015


WOW! Thank-you everyone for this: my Master/Teacher Transcendence Certification intensives and courses are now completely sold out/full in both New Westminster and Coquitlam locations! This life-altering system is suitable for everyone, professional or not; add it as an all-inclusive set of modalities to your already-successful practice, or continue your personal-growth, spiritual journey with "Transcendence"! You might even discover your soul's purpose in this lifetime! You ...will receive:
*Seven Traditional Reiki Empowerments (a $10,000. value alone) which will not only certify you as a Reiki Master but give you an additional skill/career and speed up your self-empowerment/spiritual evolution, potentially resulting in you living your soul's purpose for this lifetime.
* Five Mystical Meditation/Self Hypnosis techniques (a $1200. value) crucial for holistic healing and amplifying your Scientific Prayer, potentially resulting in discovering your Real Self.
* Instruction on Scientific Prayer from my book of the same name
a clinically-proven method for spiritually planting the seeds for success within the Infinite Mind of the Universe, possibly resulting in manifesting prosperity, love, and abundance. (a $350. value)
* My manual/book. (a $35. value)
* Weekly 45-minute Skype Q&A's/coaching for one month. You must arrange the mutually-convenient times with Dr. Likey. (Total 4 sessions at 45-minutes each, a $480. value)
* My exclusive newsletter.
* Reiki-Master Certificate, Transcendence System: Master Teacher Certificate, Mystical Meditation Dynamics Attendance Certificate, Scientific Prayer Attendance Certificate.
But there is always hope, and more courses are being planned!
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