Monday, July 13, 2015

More Transcendence Certification Dates Added

In Coquitlam:

AUGUST 15th (Sat.) AUGUST 16th (Sun.)
EITHER 1:00-5:00
6:00-10:00 BOTH DAYS

In New Westminster:

SEPT. 16th (Wed.)  SEPT. 17th (Thurs.) 
SEPT. 18th (Fri.)
6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Each Day

You will receive:

Seven Traditional Reiki Empowerments (a $10,000. value alone) which will not only certify you as a Reiki Master but give you an additional skill/career and speed up your self-empowerment/spiritual evolution, potentially resulting in you living your soul's purpose for this lifetime.

Five Mystical Meditation/Self Hypnosis techniques (a $1200. value) crucial for holistic healing and amplifying your Scientific Prayer, potentially resulting in discovering your Real Self.

Instruction on Scientific Prayer from my book of the same name ( a clinically-proven method for spiritually planting the seeds for success within the Infinite Mind of the Universe, possibly resulting in manifesting prosperity, love, and abundance. (a $350. value)

My manual/book, (Dr. Likey's Transcendence System. (a $35. value)

Weekly 45-minute Skype Q&A's/coaching for one month. You must arrange the mutually-convenient times with Dr. Likey. (Total 4 sessions at 45-minutes each, a $480. value)

My exclusive newsletter.

Reiki-Master Certificate, Transcendence System: Master Teacher Certificate, Mystical Meditation Dynamics Attendance Certificate, Scientific Prayer Attendance Certificate.

A $12,000. value for $5,000.
The reason for the low fee is that I hope to attune as many people as I can to this life-altering system, so that you too can pass this on to others. The best part is that you can be certified and be well on your way to several new modalities in addition to limitless personal growth in three days. My course runs for three days, but can be tailored to two and a half if your schedule doesn't allow for three. The fee is $5,000. for everything: the empowerments, books, instruction, certification and diplomas. I'm looking forward to contributing to your spiritual and professional evolution.
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