Sunday, March 22, 2015

More Testimonials

"I have known Rev. Dr. Michael for at least ten years, and I’ve been grateful to call him both a peer and a friend. In his persistent efforts to help others, he has taken it upon himself to constantly do research (both personal and professional), and to this end he has earned numerous credentials and degrees in his related fields. I have rarely seen him say “no” to assist others, and his professional skills, God-given talents, as well as his consistence to be all he can be has also resulted in him writing several books which I have the privilege of owning.
   Dr. Michael shares these ancient and time-proven tools that you’ll find are infinitely worth practicing, revisiting, and living for yourself".
-Grace Talson,

“Dr. Likey is an accomplished metaphysician with decades of experience, and in this, his latest book, he shares insights based on his lengthy pastoral and hypnotherapeutic career. For those whose lives have been touched by work such as “The Secret”, “The Science of The Soul” is a worthy development of that study combining metaphysics with an easy to adopt frame for a better life. I know few people more widely versed in metaphysical study, and it shows in the astonishing variety of influences at play – enjoy!”
-Adam S. Adams, CPC MH CISH CHt.

“Dr. Likey challenges and encourages new methods of self-exploration and discovery through new and ancient wisdom. His unique take on classic and modern therapy and techniques leaves the reader with a greater understanding of mind and soul. His Laws of the Soul are both practical and simple to implement into your life. Dr. Likey's personal writing style makes for an easy and interesting read”.
-Sara Adams, Owner, Finding Avalon - Spiritual ReConnection through Avalonian Archetypes

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