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Soul-Science Treatment/Prayer-Part 2

Re-printed with permission from The Science of the Soul copyright 2011 Dr. Michael Likey

What are Scientific Prayers or Treatments and Spiritual Laws?

This is a question I asked myself for some time, not so much after completing my Doctoral studies, but when I starting researching more in depth New Thought and Religious Science/Science of Mind philosophies.
As alluded to earlier, as a Ministerial/Bachelors student, then Masters-degree student writing my thesis, I had been hearing a lot about “The Secret”, not really knowing its New Thought/Religious Science/Science of Mind/Metaphysical/Mind Science origins, nor completely understanding, let alone living, the knowledge. All I thought I knew was something didn’t feel “complete” about “The Secret”, and my ongoing research proved this feeling to be correct! All that I knew at the time of my University Doctoral-studies, was that I had to expand on the information that was given to me in my earlier studies and research if I were to properly live it and teach it, after all, Theology and “new” (so I thought at the time) concepts of God were all tied into it.
Years later, now that I finally believe that I understand it, (living it, simplifying it, and teaching it is both a passion and ongoing thing for me) I’m excited to expand on so-called “Spiritual Laws” and what I referred-to earlier as “Meditative” or “Affirmative-Prayer/Treatments”. I’d like to slightly differentiate between “Scientific Prayer”/”Scientific Treatments” and “Meditative” or “Affirmative-Prayer/Treatments” only because I liken the “Meditative” or “Affirmative-Prayer/Treatments” to a proven science now, not merely a philosophy; hence the name “Scientific Prayer”.

Spiritual “Laws”

The title is certainly a misnomer, and as Ernest Holmes so aptly described these laws in his “Science of Mind” (1938) tome, are merely God/Love/Source/Spirit/Higher Self/Alignment with Heaven/”The Flow of Life” at work, as opposed to the “Flow of Life” being “clogged up” with guilt, unforgiveness, judgement, anger and rage, hence our mind not being “in the flow” of Life/Self-Love/Self-Forgiveness/Gratitude/Creativity/Happiness, etc.
When one might say that we are “living the Law of Release and Receive”, for example, it is merely semantics; we are knowing our true self-worth, we have forgiven ourselves and therefore our own self-judgement, and we are now lighter in our heart and soul, freed-up enough and willing to give what we are hoping to receive! How can we receive what we are not willing to give? Conversely, we cannot give what we do not truly feel or know! (in other words, we cannot give what we are not willing to/ready to receive!) This logic is similar to Sir Isaac Newton’s (1643-1727) third law of motion, which states “that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, if object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal force on object A. This all goes back to what we’ve been saying previously, that the mind influences the health of the body and the emotions, as in the previous example of attracting happy people to oneself if one is happy, and maintaining a good level of physical and emotional health with positive self-image and attitude of being passionate about health-maintenance, etc. We “bring to ourselves” that which we “project out” unconsciously and consciously, similar to the “Law of Attraction”, and so forth. It is merely “life” in action, or this or that “law” in “action”!
We are therefore operating in a realm of “law and order” so to speak. For example, we are operated upon by gravitational forces. We may continually re-position ourselves, but we are still subject to its influence. Since we are also individualized expressions of the whole, or rather extensions of that “unseen power” of the universe/God/Universal Mind working through us as us in and around us, ( or “unified with creation”) just as the sunbeam is an extension of the sun but is still part of/connected to the sun, or similarly like the waves upon the ocean, so is a farmer who plants a seed in an already-fertile environment, (earth/soil) and then nurturing it, similar to our spiritual practice of meditation and affirmative-scientific-prayer, setting up conditions for more to bloom and to come forth: he will reap what he sows. We reap what we sow when we live the spiritual laws of the universe, learning the theories of spiritual mind-science and psychology and then practicing/living the science of the soul via Higher Consciousness/Mystical Meditation and scientific/affirmative-prayer.
Like sowing seeds, we are operating in a larger field and we are being operated upon by Supreme Law/”Unseen Forces”/Universal Intelligence/the Mind of God. This is why we can have faith in life and the good of life, patiently and cheerfully and expectantly awaiting the outcome, “reaping as we sow”.

Which Came First?

So one might ask oneself , “how does one feel happy enough to do affirmative/meditative-prayer in order to heal that which is making us sick/unhappy in the first place?”
The prayer/treatment itself is the answer, or as I recently heard someone say, “The prayer itself is the miracle!” In other words, uncovering, recognizing/denying/accepting and healing the root-cause. Quimby said “The reason is the cure.”
Which came first, the unhealthy thought/belief, or the physical proof/result/outcome? Years of clinical study and research has proven that an initial healthy attitude, coupled with a “dream” or vision for one’s future, which results in positive and direct action, “brings” a healthier outlook, more chance for good physical health and achievement. Have you ever met a depressed “successful” person? Either they were always naturally positive, happy, and ambitious, or they learned how to be, and they also learned how to maintain an even level of regular positive/optimistic outlook, as outlined previously in this book. This is not even to remotely suggest that “misfortune” or bad events, ill health, etc. don’t occur, but think about how much easier it is to cope, or to “roll with the punches” when things of this nature do occur! It is much better to live with a positive and healthy outlook, along with self-maintenance holistically, so that your “well-greased machine” doesn’t break down after only a little mileage, and when it does, it will be far more resilient and easier to fix.

Scientific-Prayer/Scientific Treatment

It is in this “spirit”, so to speak, of the Science of Spiritual and Mind Psychology (which we spoke of earlier) that I refer to “Scientific Prayer”/”Scientific Treatment”, because the resulting emotional, physical, and situational states have been proven to have been a result of the attitude/mind of the one practicing Scientific Prayer, or living the “laws of the universe” or “speaking the word”/being in “alignment with heaven” or the “flow of life”/God, as a result…the proof being the shift to more positive emotional/physical/situational states!

A Formula for Scientific-Prayer/Scientific Treatments

This sounds contrary to the actual practice and nature of it, as it is all about feeling the emotions and visualizing, but this formula will be a starting-point for you to just see, feel, and live your new life while in your spiritual practice of Scientific-Prayer. Remember to always precede this process by entering first into a level of self-hypnosis/light meditation! You must now prepare for your healing-work, if you haven’t already been practicing the aforementioned techniques, plus living the

Since I've previously, in Part 1, described how to prepare for a Scientific-Treatment, I will now discuss the traditional methodologies of Meditative/Scientific/Affirmative-Prayer.

The Steps of Traditional Affirmative-Prayer

Let’s review the steps taught in most metaphysical churches and organizations of affirmative-prayer/treatment now.

Step 1: Enter into a level of self-hypnosis/light meditation.
Step 2: Identify/unify consciously with Divinity/Source/Spirit in whichever manner feels right for you; you might try realizing/seeing that we’re like the waves upon the ocean, for example, that we are indiviualizations of the whole ocean, so to speak. You can also state “God is omnipotent, etc…” as before, reasoning that we are one/unified/identified with Source since there is no place where Source is not, therefore where we are, Source is.
Step 3: Affirm and declare that which you desire, as if it is already so; “speak the word” (as it is also referred-to, as “Truth”), with confidence and conviction; in the case of healing, declare that you are already whole, healed, and complete. You can use denials here, explaining why the illness/negative feeling or belief is no longer relevant. In the case of getting that job you applied for, state that you affirm and declare that you are enjoying your new job already, including of its challenging duties, etc. and the feelings associated with the job, to make it more “real” on all levels, mind, body, spirit. For relationship, affirm and declare that every day, you are enjoying your life with your perfect mate, enjoying quality time, etc. Be sure to see and feel this. For answers/direction, declare and affirm that you already are being guided to the solutions/directions, etc. intuitively, which is “God-guidance”. This positive state-of-mind, combined with your meditative-state, (as previously stated) will allow answers to rise to the surface from the center and nucleus of your unconscious “God-mind”. Also deny in your mind any past events and perspectives which might have hindered objective answers, logically reasoning why there is no longer any merit to them.
Step 4: With gratitude and appreciation release the “word” just spoken.
Step 5: Stamp with authority, “And So It Is!” or “So Be It!”

That’s alot of steps, potentially mechanically performed, which is why I prefer the three Scientific-Prayer steps, described in Part 1.
Remember that a meditative-treatment feels more subtle, because the methodology is similar to self-hypnosis, where you’re re-programming unconscious negative beliefs and thought-patterns with the opposite thoughts, feelings, and ideas (called “denials” in Religious Science/Science of Mind) expressed as affirmations over and over so that they sink into your unconscious mind, sublimating the negativity into positivity, until these new, positive thought patterns rise to your surface mind where they are acted upon/lived consciously day-to-day. In essence, with denials as part of the meditative mind-treatments, you are reasoning (with logic) why the negative thoughts/perspectives are no longer relevant.

Next time: "Living The Spiritual Laws of the Universe".

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