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Preparation for a Soul-Science Treatment/Prayer-Part 1

Re-printed with permission from The Science of the Soul copyright 2011 Dr. Michael Likey

The foundation of effective Scientific Prayer/Scientific Treatments is “Faith”, “Belief”, and “Proof”, or “Seeing, Believing, Receiving”.

You must first have complete and unwavering faith in yourself, others, and life in general. You must first be able to “see” and contemplate regularly the wondrous miracles of the perfection and harmony of yourself, nature, and the universe. You can only move onto “Belief” once you’ve mastered “Faith”. If you do not have unwavering faith in yourself, others, and life, if you cannot regularly see the wonders and miracles (or “God”/divinity) in everything around you, don’t even begin to attempt the rest. Try first reading and living the “Spiritual Laws of the Universe”, outlined shortly herein, and eventually you will “see” or have faith. Healing as many past issues as you can will also lift your “emotional veil”, allowing you to clearly “see”. You cannot permanently heal others if you yourself are not yet healed!

You will believe because you would have (through ongoing faith and self-healing resulting from the practice/living of the “Spiritual Laws of the Universe”, for example) seen/reflected on/contemplated the miracles big and small in your life, which have materialized in the past: Help that came at the “eleventh hour”, for example; things always consistently and eventually “working out” is another example reinforcing your “belief”; certainly be aware of the small/incremental miracles/accomplishments that are and have been occurring! This is your personal proof, your next level/foundation, so that you can now start to help others to help themselves. No one can take away your personal miracles. You believe. You are ready to receive.

The “proof” will be the materializations/manifesting/”demonstrations” or receiving of a better quality of life, health, and prosperity that you have allowed. “Alignment with Heaven”, or synchronicity/flowing of your life is also the “proof” or “receiving”.

You see, believe, and are receiving, in addition to living the upcoming “Spiritual Laws of the Universe” and doing the already described self-healing techniques, so you are now ready to try this:

1) Raise your Vibration/Attitude 
No matter where you are in your life, in order for this process of Scientific-Prayer to work, you must first raise your vibration; (some call this raising one’s “consciousness”/feeling/spirits/emotions as a “Higher-Consciousness Meditation”, except in this case one experiences the Divine as the feelings of self-love, gratitude, etc. as opposed to seeing light) whatever it takes for you to feel more “alive”/alert/awake, do it: breathe deeply and quickly, (almost panting) do the in-breath and release/sigh with an “ahhhh”, sing, play an instrument, even dance, listen to positive and fast music, etc. Hum along; do this until you start to become aware of a feeling of optimism and happiness, vastness and unlimited potential, and especially gratitude for even the little things in your life; feel love again, remember when you were loved and accepted  unconditionally before, and enter into/stay in this feeling; experience contentment, and start to accept the idea of faith in yourself, others, and life in general that everything works out because you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. The process of life is perfect even though short-term it might not appear so on the surface. Feel that life is good, and spiritually all there is, is the “good”/God working through us! All of existence exists because of “Creation” which is only good! Accept the notion that you are by nature creative, whether or not you actually do concrete creative endeavors such as writing, painting, etc. Source/the universe is ever-expanding around and through us, so we’re growing and expanding whether or not we can see this! Do some, or any, or all of these things to raise your vibration to a more “alert”-state so that you enter into an atmosphere/paradigm of unlimited and universal potential within yourself! You have begun to get away from the “surface/conscious/negative/illusionary/”every day” level of your mind, to go deeper within your mind, where “Perfect/God-Mind exists. How freeing does that feel already? You may even at this point feel your hands and body vibrating with this newly-accessed “Higher” resonation! Some call this entering into the “Upper-Room of Consciousness”.

2) Affirming/Denying/Seeing/Knowing/Being
 Show and feel some compassion for yourself at this point, saying something to yourself like “there, there…I understand and feel for you your pain/disappointment, etc.” Use the method now, of “denials” (a term used in Religious Science/Science of Mind, described previously): explaining/realizing/recognizing why the illness/negative feeling or belief is no longer relevant. You will thusly release any clogs/hindrances of self-sabotage/negative thoughts/perspective you may still have. Since everything is comprised at its core of energy/Source, this cancels out any past, present, or future seeing of evil or negativity in people, places, things, or events! It’s “All Good”! Another way to say/view/recognize this is “God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient! God is everywhere…there is no place where God is not, therefore, where I am, God is!” While practicing this faithfully (pun intended), try manifesting/materializing consciously what your heart desires: the quicker it comes, the more “elevated”/advanced you will see that you are! In the case of getting that special job, state that you affirm and declare that you are enjoying your new job already, including of its challenging duties, etc. and the feelings associated with the job, to make it more “real” on all levels, mind, body, spirit. For relationship, affirm and declare that every day, you are enjoying your life with your perfect mate, enjoying quality time, etc. Be sure to see and feel this. For health, notice if there are any physical indicators (such as poor eyesight, diabetes, etc.), consult the works of Louise Hay for the emotional root-causes, and then heal them using any or all of the previously described methods! For answers/direction in life, declare and affirm that you already are being guided to the solutions/directions, etc. intuitively, which is “God-guidance”. This positive state-of-mind, combined with your meditative-state, will allow answers to rise to the surface from the center and nucleus of your unconscious “God-mind”. Also deny in your mind any past events and perspectives which might have hindered objective answers, logically reasoning why there is no longer any merit to them.
 At this point, you must begin to try to see and feel your life the way you want it to be, either healthier, better job, relationship, etc. You might even mentally ask “show me the next step so that I can express at a higher-level”…this is a method of “Life-Visioning” as well.
 You must now feel the way you would feel if your life was like this, this is the key! Brand-new beginnings…feel how that feels…a fresh start! Not just seeing it, but feeling all the feelings as if you have whatever it is you desire. This creates a more receptive vibrational environment, and therefore circumstances, for that which you desire, except you are not praying/pleading for it, you are affirming/declaring/proclaiming mentally that you have it already! It feels like it is already so, and you are paving the road, brick by brick with passion, vision, and relief! Feel now how you feel with your new-found better health, or a healthier environment, or with a more suitable job/career! Feel how it feels to have the answer to your question! Liberating, isn’t it? Take a big sigh at this point, with relief. By entering into an atmosphere/paradigm/feeling in step 1 of vastness/unlimited potential/unconditional love and contentment, the transition/transcendence to your new life/achieving/manifesting is easy!
 This vibrationally makes room for events to occur; the “how” and the “when” is not important, in fact, this wondering/doubt could “clog” the process at this point…only feel, see, and believe! Say if you have to, that it is already so…you can feel it in your bones and you are grateful! Then relax and release this knowing to the universe with your gratitude and appreciation so that it can return as the “Truth” you just declared as being and knowing.

3) The Feeling of Gratitude
This feeling of deep thanks and gratitude is even more important at this stage, because the desired occurrences/happenstances will feel even more real to you because you are not only giving thanks that it happened, but you actually feel the thanks and gratitude; again, vibrationally this paves/opens/allows a way to success in what you are praying about. Stamp this final knowing and feeling of gratitude with something like “And So It Is!” or “So Be It!”, as long as it feels sure and authoritative. It vibrationally “seals” the success of the prayer, allowing you to feel even more confident and sure that it all is already, which perpetuates success!

You’re done. Don’t you feel a lot more powerful, now?

Next Time: Part 2-Traditional Affirmative-Prayer

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