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Crucial Tools

"Your Life-Calendar" and "Your Progress Chart" are two bonuses that are included in my most recent paperback, "Working through Trauma Spiritually"! Focusing on optimal mind, body, and soul health, "Your Life Calendar" will help you to organize your time, so that equal emphasis is placed on all three aspects of your holistic well-being. To help you to gauge your progress quarterly (4-month increments) in areas of finances, love, health, and family relationships, I've also included "Your Progress Chart" to further aid in your evolution in all areas of your life! I developed this almost 20 years ago and gave it to all of my clients for them to self-evaluate and then share it with me after their three-month return to our sessions. Understanding which areas of your life need more support is crucial while working through the emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of trauma, and I'm excited to include some of the amazing tools which I offer in this 260-page book! Purchase "Working Through Trauma Spiritually" here: #Amazon #DrMichaelLikey #WorkingThroughTraumaSpiritually

Friday, September 16, 2016

Now Available From Amazon: Working Through Trauma Spiritually

At last! Available from #amazon #createspace and #kindle #WorkingThroughTraumaSpiritually by Dr. Michael Likey In "Working Through Trauma Spiritually", I provide numerous tools (both metaphysical and psychological) for coping with trauma, working through the grieving, and eventually living a happy and fulfilling existence once again. Some of the tools include Aligning with Heaven, Emotional Step Programming, and Pro-Active Thoughts. I always include proper use of Scientific-Prayer, Mystical Meditation, and even Reiki, giving their origins and techniques, all of these being crucial in the healing process. Almost 260 pages, in paperback and Kindle; regardless of whether you're an alternative wellness practitioner or a layperson, you'll find the information contained in my latest tome invaluable for leading a quality, prosperous, and happy life.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Anti-Depressants vs. Meditation Affects The Brain: From The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing

Getting to the Sources of Fear and Anxiety
Wisconsin emotion researchers have been studying defensive behaviors in monkeys to better understand the related temperament that may put humans at risk, including extreme shyness, excessive anxiety and exaggerated fearfulness. The researchers have found that chronically fearful and anxious monkeys have specific patterns of brain electrical activity as well as elevated levels of two kinds of stress hormones. Their latest study challenges the existing theory that the brain structure called the amygdala controls all fear and anxiety responses. The findings show that in primates, the amygdala is involved in acute fear responses, but doesn't appear to play a role in anxiety responses that may be present from early in life and related to general temperament. 

Brain Responses to Antidepressants
A new drug called venlafaxine is proving to be very successful clinically in treating depression, but how exactly does it affect brain function? This study uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques to establish how antidepressants such as venlafaxine can reverse the brain alterations that are associated with depression. The study also explores how treatment with medications may change depressed patients' responses to positive and negative stimuli. 

Fearful Temperament Points to Vulnerability
The free-ranging male monkeys of Cayo Santiago, a small island off Puerto Rico, provide a unique opportunity to study biological factors associated with different kinds of emotional and social styles because they normally go through a highly stressful event during adolescence that results in death for 25 percent of them. UW researchers have identified monkeys for whom this process is especially difficult and have found that the animals have fearful temperaments as well as specific brain activity and hormone levels related to elevated stress. Additional physiological measures will be taken to learn which constellation of factors may make some monkeys more vulnerable to stress and more susceptible to disease than others. 

Meditation and the Brain
In this small but highly provocative study, the UW-Madison research team also found for the first time, in humans, that a short program in "mindfulness meditation" produced lasting positive changes in both the human brain and the function of the immune system. 
  The findings suggest that meditation, long promoted as a technique to reduce anxiety and stress, might produce important biological effects that improve a person's resiliency. 
  Richard Davidson, Vilas Professor of psychology and psychiatry at UW-Madison, led the research team. The study, conducted at the biotechnology company Promega near Madison, will appeared in the Journal Psychosomatic Medicine. 
  "Mindfulness meditation," often recommended as an antidote to the stress and pain of chronic disease, is a practice designed to focus one's attention intensely on the moment, noting thoughts and feelings as they occur but refraining from judging or acting on those thoughts and feelings. The intent is to deepen awareness of the present, develop skills of focused attention, and cultivate positive emotions such as compassion. 
  In the UW study, participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The experimental group, with 25 subjects, received training in mindfulness meditation from one of its most noted adherents, Jon Kabat-Zinn, (Kabat-Zinn, a popular author of books on stress reduction, developed the mindfulness-based stress reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.) This group attended a weekly class and one seven-hour retreat during the study; they also were assigned home practice for an hour a day, six days a week. The 16 members of the control group did not receive meditation training until after the study was completed. 
  For each group, in addition to asking the participants to assess how they felt, the research team measured electrical activity in the frontal part of the brain, an area specialized for certain kinds of emotion. Earlier research has shown that, in people who are generally positive and optimistic and during times of positive emotion, the left side of this frontal area becomes more active than the right side does. 
  The findings confirmed the researchers' hypothesis: the meditation group showed an increase of activation in the left-side part of the frontal region. This suggests that the meditation itself produced more activity in this region of the brain. This activity is associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. 
  The research team also tested whether the meditation group had better immune function than the control group did. All the study participants got a flu vaccine at the end of the eight-week meditation group. Then, at four and eight weeks after vaccine administration, both groups had blood tests to measure the level of antibodies they had produced against the flu vaccine. While both groups (as expected) had developed increased antibodies, the meditation group had a significantly larger increase than the controls, at both four and eight weeks after receiving the vaccine. 
  "Although our study is preliminary and more research clearly is warranted," said Davidson, "we are very encouraged by these results. The Promega employees who took part have given us a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate a real biological impact of this ancient practice." 
  Davidson, who is integrally involved with the Health Emotions Research Institute at UW, plans further research on the impact of meditation. He is currently studying a group of people who have been using meditation for more than 30 years. His research team is also planning to study the impact of mindfulness meditation on patients with particular illnesses. 

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Working Through Trauma Spiritually

COMING SOON! In "Working Through Trauma Spiritually", I provide numerous tools (both metaphysical and psychological) for coping with trauma, working through the grieving, and eventually living a happy and fulfilling existence once again. Some of the tools include Aligning with Heaven, Emotional Step Programming, and Pro-Active Thoughts. I always include proper use of Scientific-Prayer, Mystical Meditation, and even Reiki, giving their origins and techniques, all of these being crucial in the healing process. Almost 260 pages, in paperback and Kindle; regardless of whether you're an alternative wellness practitioner or a layperson, you'll find the information contained in my latest tome invaluable for leading a quality, prosperous, and happy life.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing-Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at one of the exclusive features from my latest book, "The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing" (available in paperback on Amazon and Kindle) It's part of a transcript from the internet film "The Holographic Universe-Part 1 and 2" and describes the clinical workings of the human brain and the "real" perceiver.

 Beyond Matter

Man is conditioned from birth that the world he lives in has an absolute material reality.  So he grows up under the effects of this conditioning and builds his entire life on this view-point. The findings of modern science, however, have revealed a completely different and significant reality than what is presumed.
 All the information that we have about the external-world is conveyed to us by our five senses. The world we know of consists of what our eyes see, our ears hear, our noses smell, out tongues taste, and our hands feel. 
Man is dependent on only those five senses, since birth. 
That is why he knows the external-world only the way it is presented by these senses. Yet scientific research carried out on our senses has revealed very different facts about what we call “external-world”, and these facts have brought to light a very important secret about matter which makes up the external-world. 
 Contemporary thinker Frederic Vester explains the point that science has reached on this subject: “Statements of some scientists posing that man is an image, everything experienced is temporary and deceptive, and this universe is a shadow, seems to be proven by science in our day.”
 In order to better grasp this secret behind matter, let us be reminded of our information about our sense of sight which provides us with the most extensive information about the external-world. 

How Do We See?

The act of seeing is realized progressively: at the instance of seeing, light-clusters called photons travel from the object to the eye and pass through the eye’s lenses where they are refracted and focus on the retina at the back of the eye. Here, rays are turned into electrical signals and then transmitted by neurons to the centre of vision, at the back of the brain. 
 The act of seeing actually takes place in this centre of the brain. 
 All the images we view in our lives, and all the events we experience, are actually experienced in this tiny and dark place. Both the words that you are now reading, and the boundless landscape that you see when you gaze at the horizon, actually fit into this place of a few cubic-centimetres. 
 Now let us reconsider this information more carefully.
 When we say we see, we actually see the effect the rays reaching our eyes form in our brain by being converted into electric signals. When we say we see, we actually observe the electrical signals in our brain. 
 There is another point that has to be kept in mind: the brain is sealed to light, and its interior is absolutely dark. Therefore it is never possible for the brain to contact with light itself. We can explain this interesting situation with an example. Let us suppose that in front of us there is a burning candle, and we view its light. During this period when we view the candle’s light, the inside of our skull and our brain are in absolute darkness. The light of the candle never illuminates our brain and our centre of vision; however, we watch a colorful and bright world inside our dark brain.
 The same situation applies to all our other senses: sound, taste, touch, and smell are all perceived in the brain as electrical signals. Therefore our brains throughout our lives do not confront the original of the matter existing outside of us, but rather an electrical copy of it formed inside our brain. It is at this point that we are misled by assuming that these copies are instances of real matter outside us.

The External World Inside Our Brain

These physical facts make us come to an irrefutable conclusion: everything we see, hear, touch, feel, smell and perceive as matter, the world, or the universe, is only electrical signals inside our brain.
 For instance, we see a bird in the external-world; in reality, this bird is not in the external-world, but in our brain. The light-particles reflecting from the bird reach our eye, and from there, they are converted into electrical-signals. These signals are transmitted by neurons to the centre of vision in the brain. The bird we see is in fact the electric signals in our brain. If the sight-nerves travelling to the brain were disconnected, the image of the bird would suddenly disappear. In the same manner, the bird’s sounds we hear are also in our brain. If the nerve travelling from the ear to the brain was disconnected, there would be no sound left. Put simply, the bird, the shape of which we see, and the sound of which we hear, is nothing but the brain’s interpretation of electrical signals.
 Another point to be considered here is the sense of distance. For example, the distance between you and this book is nothing but a feeling of space formed in your brain. Also, objects that seem to be very distant in one person’s view are actually images clustered at one spot in the brain.  For instance, someone who watches the stars in the sky assumes that they are millions of light-years away from him, yet the stars are right inside himself, at the centre of vision, of his brain. 
 While you read this book, you are in truth not inside the room you assume yourself to be in; on the contrary: the room is inside you.
Your seeing your body makes you think you are inside of it, however, you must remember that your body too, is an image formed inside your brain. 
 So far, we have been speaking repeatedly of an external-world, and a world of perceptions formed in our brain, the latter of which is what we see; however, since we can never actually reach the external-world, how can we be sure that such a world really exists? Definitely we cannot. The only reality we cope with is the world of perceptions we live within our minds. 

Who is The Perceiver?

 All these facts bring us face-to-face with a very significant question: if the thing we acknowledge to be the material-world is merely comprised of perceptions given to our soul, then what is the source of these perceptions? In answering this question, we must consider the fact that matter does not have a self-governing existence by itself but it is a perception. Therefore, this perception must have been caused by another power, which means that it must have been created. Moreover, this creation must be continuous. If there were not a consistent and continuous creation, then what we call matter would disappear and be lost. This may be likened to a television, on which a picture is displayed, as long as the signal continues to be broadcast. If the broadcast stops, the image on the screen will also disappear.

The Real Absolute Being

So, who makes our soul see the earth, people, plants, our bodies, and all else that we see? It is very evident that there is a superior creator who has created the entire material universe: that is, the sum of all perceptions, and continues his creation ceaselessly. Since this creator displays such a magnificent creation, he surely has eternal power and might; all the perceptions he creates are dependent on his will, and he dominates everything he has created at any moment.

This is only a small sample of the bonus chapters in my latest book, "The Mind-The Key to Spiritual Healing", the two huge other ones being "The Four Temperaments" an ancient method for understanding human personality types, and "Mind-Treatments", an essay written in the 1800's by one of P.P. Quimby's students outlining the times, the man, and his crucial mind-healing methods via spiritual meditational treatments, the precursor to clinical hypnotherapy utilized by Freud, Jung, and modern therapists to this day! These are the true origins of modern-day psychotherapy. I use the same spiritual Mind-Treatments exclusively in my Theocentric Psychology practice today, to great success; as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I've found that the Mind-Treatments cut the progress of my patients and clients to more than half; let my peers and patients' words speak for themselves:

“Dr. Likey is an accomplished metaphysician with decades of experience, and in this, his latest book, he shares insights based on his lengthy pastoral and hypnotherapeutic career. This book is a worthy development of that study combining metaphysics with an easy to adopt frame for a better life. I know few people more widely versed in metaphysical study, and it shows in the astonishing variety of influences at play – enjoy!”
-Adam S. Adams, CPC MH CISH CHt.

"You've...helped me transcend much of the fear I was living with when I first started coming to the gatherings on Sunday mornings-I feel quite fearless've helped reinforce the value of life/living for me through your tireless work. Thank you again."

"You bring spiritual freedom and understanding."
-Fabien P.

"You have a special gift to lift others up".

 "I just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it! I was so inspired and motivated while reading it. Your book is so wonderful and I want you to teach me the tools from your book. I've never emailed anyone after I read their book and I really hope you will reply to this email.
Again thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom and I am so thankful I came upon your book in a bookstore."

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